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As different as the moll functional furniture may be, they all have one thing in common: the claim to set a benchmark in at least one of the categories function, design or quality. This aspiration explains why the brand of moll today represents first-class, durable workmanship, consistent “Made in Germany” and the characteristics of an owner-managed company with a clear idea in more than 50 countries for more than 95 years.

moll easy: Learning at your desk can be so simple and sophisticated.

The easy collection combines moll functions and moll quality. easy – it’s as simple as it reads. No bells and whistles. Only relevant functions for concentrated learning and working. The collection includes the height-adjustable children’s desks ‘Bandit’ and ‘Sprinter’. The distinction: the desk edges. Bandit has rounded corners while Sprinter has rectangular ones. The trio becomes complete with the ‘Lucky’ swivel chair in three different colors. As with all moll collections, universal additions complete the product range – for the greatest possible individual furnishing options.

moll prime: The ultimate product portfolio for healthy learning and playing at your desk.

With prime, moll offers a comprehensive portfolio of children’s desks, children’s swivel chairs and mobile containers that is designed to be dynamic: as children grow, the accessible space grows along with them. Therefore, a smaller and manageable desk is ideal for the youngest. For the older ones, the desk can simply be extended and supplemented. That is why moll study spaces are always conceived in a holistic way. Desks like the moll Champion, Winner or Joker and chairs like the moll Maximo or Scooter create the basis for ergonomic, healthy learning – from the first ABCs all the way to graduation.

moll unique: Truly intuitive and exceptionally chic.

With outstanding quality of materials and workmanship, the greatest possible variability, optimal ergonomics and maximum comfort, moll unique creates real islands of well-being for generations. In doing so, desk and chair form exclusive and elegant design islands in your home, which set new accents in the room. The German Design Award 2018 and the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2016 are not the least proof that this is successful. Much more important than these awards, however, is your feeling. And that’s absolutely unique on every desk and chair, whether it’s T7, T5, S9 or S9: experience it for yourself.

moll 360°: Create complete organization with compact space wonders

Binders, products, office supplies, paperwork: it’s not always easy to store everything in a simple and uncomplicated way. Often, archiving takes away valuable working space and thus living space as well. As a specialist for ergonomic workspace optimization, moll took up this topic at an early stage: As early as 1960, moll presented a completely new product with the rotating filing solution, which today has become the archiving standard worldwide – even in the private environment. The result is a well engineered portfolio of shelving systems: moll 360°. Multifile and Depotfile offer up to 6 levels, each with a load capacity of 75 kg, on a diameter of just 80 cm. You see: moll also offers real heavyweights when it comes to filing systems.

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